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Alliance Debt Counsellors is a dedicated team of Debt Counsellors that strives to assist South Africans in debt every step of the way on their path to financial stability. Alliance Debt Counsellors operate all over Tshwane/Pretoria.

Witbank Debt Counselling

Professional Debt Counselling Assistance

Debt Counselling is proven as one of the best methods in helping people free themselves from debt. It's a government-initiated and approved process. So what does that mean for you? By law, you will be protected through the process of getting out of debt. And you will be dealing with a dedicated registered debt counsellor, with years of experience in helping people get out of debt.

So, Take Action!

Alliance Debt Counsellors can help you

Eliminate untimely debit orders, late fees and over-limit charges.
Stop creditors harassing phone calls, emails or sms messages.
Build a realistic budget and financial plan you can follow.
Assure you have enough money for living costs each month.
Consolidate all your debt into one easy monthly payment, restructure terms and interest rates as low as 0%.
Get a clearance certificate, to show all your debt is re-payed and your credit record is good again.

Signing up for debt counselling will help you get out of debt, don't hesitate, change tomorrow by taking action today.

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    Don't just take our word for it

    This is what others had to say about Alliance Debt Counsellors

    Service was quiet pleasing, Alliance Debt Counsellors are professional and helped me just as advertised.

    Awesome service, great advice, were a bit skeptic at first about debt counselling, but if it works it works.

    Debt Counselling is an effective solution. It really does help you get out of debt. Thanx Alliance DC

    Quick Debt Assessment

    Take our 2 min Online Debt Assessment and find out whether you are over indebted or not. These 8 steps & 7 carefully designed questions reveals tell-tell signs of unmanageable debt.

    Please answer all the question which is most applicable to your situation by selecting 'Yes' or 'No'.

    Debt Counselling Information Center

    Here you will find all the information about Witbank Debt Counselling

    Top 3 Benefits of Debt Counselling

    Pay debt back at a rate you can afford
    Legal protection against creditors harrasing calls and threats
    Clear your credit record increasing your chances of applying for loans

    Top 3 Exclusive Benefits with Alliance DC

    Free annual credit reports with expert advice
    Support no matter where you are in the country
    The backing of professional Debt Counsellors with years of experience

    The bottom line

    We specialize in getting you out of debt, with a custom solution that will suit your situation & needs!

    Frequently Asked Question

    About Witbank Debt Counselling

    Why debt counselling and not debt consolidation loan?

    Debt consolidation loans are given against your assets. So if you don’t own anything, there is nothing to give a loan against. Debt counselling charges no extra interest and increases the payback time on the amount you owe. But the best part is, with debt counselling you are protected by law.

    Can my credit providers change their minds after a new repayment agreement has been sign and I am under debt counselling?

    No, they can’t. As long as you stick to your re-payments plan (pay the agreed amount on time and in full) the credit providers have to stick to the agreement made with us your debt counsellor and you. That means they are not able to take further legal action against you, they can’t reposes your assets, you are protected by law.

    Will anyone know I am under debt counselling?

    Definitely not. We take your privacy very serious here at Alliance Debt Counsellors. Keeping your information completely confidential is one of our top priorities. We will not contact you at work or anywhere else unless instructed to do so by you. So unless you tell anyone else, no one will know.

    Is debt counselling a safe process to get out of debt?

    Yes, absolutely. At no stage during the debt counselling process do we or anyone else have access to your money. Your money is paid directly to the NCR accredited Public Distribution Agent (PDA), who distributes the funds to all your creditors. Our fees are taken as the first payment, but does not affect your repayment structure at all.

    Once I've completed debt counselling, will my name be cleared?

    Yes, it will. You will receive a clearance certificate, this is a very big deal. A clearance certificate shows that you have good credit record again.

    Where do Polokwane debt counselling operate?

    We operate over the whole of South Africa although, our main focus is on Witbank Debt Counselling Debt Counselling. We operate in every town in Tshwane Pretoria. Here are just a few, — Bela-Bela Debt Counselling — Giyani Debt Counselling — Lebowakgomo Debt Counselling — Polokwane Debt Counselling — Louis Trichardt Debt Counselling — Modimolle Debt Counselling — Morgwadi Debt Counselling — Mokopane Debt Counselling — Mookgophong Debt Counselling — Morebeng Debt Counselling — Musina Debt Counselling — Phalaborwa Debt Counselling — Polokwane Debt Counselling — Senwabarwana Debt Counselling — Thabazimbi Debt Counselling — Thohoyandou Debt Counselling — Tzaneen Debt Counselling — Vaalwater Debt Counselling.