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Alliance Debt Counsellors

Nationwide Debt Counselling Assistance

Alliance Debt Counsellors is a National Credit Regulator ( NCR ) registered dedicated team of Debt Counsellors that are assisting South Africans in debt every step of the way on their part to financial stability.

Over the last 10 years, we have proven our success and we have helped more than 6000 clients repay debts at a reduced rate, over a longer period, making their debt more manageable.

With a 93% success rate of approved court applications, we are without a doubt a leader in the industry

The bottom line, we specialize in getting you out of debt, with a custom solution that will suit your situation!

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    Debt Counselling Information Center

    Here you will find all the information about Debt Counselling

    Top 3 Benefits of Debt Counselling

    Pay debt back at a rate you can afford
    Legal protection against creditors harrasing calls and threats
    Clear your credit record increasing your chances of applying for loans

    Top 3 Exclusive Benefits with Alliance DC

    Free annual credit reports with expert advice
    Support no matter where you are in the country
    The backing of professional Debt Counsellors with years of experience

    We've got Experience

    Our team of Debt Counsellors have more than 18 years’ experience in Debt Relief programs and takes a personal approach in assisting clients throughout the Debt Counselling process.

    Dedicated Team & Support

    Alliance Debt Counsellors is a dedicated team of Debt Counsellors that strives to assist our clients in every step of the way on their path to financial stability.

    Nationwide Assistance

    We offer our Debt Counselling services across South Africa with our head office situated in Polokwane. Alliance Debt Counsellors is your answer to a better life and financial freedom!

    We negotiate with all major credit providers

    Do you owe money to any of these credit providers?

    Don't just take our word for it

    This is what others had to say about our Limpopo Debt Counselling process

    Service was quiet pleasing, Alliance Debt Counsellors are professional and helped me just as advertised.

    Awesome service, great advice, were a bit skeptic at first about debt counselling, but if it works it works.

    Debt Counselling is an effective solution. It really does help you get out of debt. Thanx Alliance DC

    Quick Debt Assessment

    Take our 2 min Online Debt Assessment and find out whether you are over indebted or not. These 8 steps & 7 carefully designed questions reveals tell-tell signs of unmanageable debt.

    Please answer all the question which is most applicable to your situation by selecting 'Yes' or 'No'.

    Questions & Answers

    Do you have any question about debt, ask our experts